Teach Me GP is an interactive medical blog, dedicated to educating Patients on how to access and make sense of all the information their GP gives them. It contains information and updates on common problems, advice on when to seek help and information on how you can best deal with whatever it is that ails you.

About the author

Dr Joseph Besser qualified in 2009 from Nottingham Medical School. He has worked in the UK and Australia developing his skills in General Practice. His passion for patient education started whilst working as an out of hours GP in Sydney.





Whilst seeing patients in their homes in Sydney, I noticed I was giving the same information time and again. Sometimes time and again to the exact same patient. I began to ponder why my patient’s weren’t retaining the information given. The reason, hopefully beyond the possibility that I wasn’t explaining it very well, is that it is too confusing. It has been a full time pursuit of mine since I started university in 2004 to understand the world of medicine. Despite this, every day I stumble across something I didn’t know or understand as well as I thought I did. If I find it confusing, how on earth must my patients feel. Especially when the time frame I have to explain it to them is so short. Upon realising this, I instantly intended to make this information simpler, easier to digest and easier to retain. I hope the information contained on this website will run alongside a patient consulting their medical practitioner. With time, I hope this will give the power back to the patient, to be their own doctor. Perhaps at times when their regular GP is not available.





Teach Me GP is not intended to be an alternative to seeing your own GP. It is intended to be used alongside your GP consultation as a learning aid. The advice provided within is as accurate and as comprehensive as possible. However, it is only general advice and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your own doctor.

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