COCP and POP choices

Below is a list of the contraceptive pill choices available in Australia. These tables are taken from Medicine Today. For access to the article please follow this link. Can the COCP be taken everyday? Well according to updated guidelines, the answer is yes. There is no longer a need for the pill free interval. If […]

FeverPAIN Score

This is a simple scoring tool which is used to try and determine whether patients need antibiotics. It is marked out of 5.   In the past the Centor criteria were used, but the FeverPAIN criteria is now seen as superior. See the link below to input patient data to check the need for antibiotics. […]

GP at Hand

GP at Hand GP at Hand is an NHS service which launched in November 2017. It provides patients with virtual appointments with a doctor via a laptop or smart device. Great idea right? This was developed with a company called Babylon, who have been delivering the service for a fee in the UK since November […]

Iron tablets

IRON TABLETS         Would you like to write for TeachMeGP? We are always looking for new authors on a whole host of topics which affect our patients. So if you would like to submit a piece for consideration, we would love to read it. You can send all submissions to Teach […]

Stocking up…for hayfever

Choosing the correct treatments without the input of your doctor or pharmacist can feel like a minefield. So here are some simple pointers in case the decision is left entirely to you. There is limited evidence to indicate which antihistamine tablet is best.¬†Try the cheapest one first and see if it suits you. Avoiding¬†brands of […]


Dealing with Hayfever – PDF   Common symptoms   Step 1: Take pollen out of your environment   Take a shower to remove pollen that is stuck to your body Change your clothes Wash your sheets Hoover the house Wear sunglasses so pollen does not get in your eyes Applying vaseline under the nose may […]

Seasonal Skin Conditions

The good weather is finally here! So to balance the good news, here are some conditions to look out for on your skin. Summer skin conditions Juvenile Spring Eruption   As the name suggests, this is common in children in the Spring months. It is due to sunlight exposure and will cause bumpy fluid filled […]


Influenza Nasal symptoms are not considered to be a major feature. Most people with a runny nose are more likely to have a cold than influenza. Fatigue is an important feature of influenza, and helps us tell it apart from the common cold. Patients with influenza are often so exhausted that they cannot get out […]