Prescription Shopping Information Service

This is an excellent resource. It is a telephone number to check if medicare is aware of an issue regarding patient receiving multiple prescriptions from multiple prescribers. Simply call the number, give them your prescriber number, and the patient’s medicare number and they well tell you if they are known to have issues with doctor shopping. I use this number frequently when issuing potential drugs of abuse. It will not categorically tell you it is safe to prescribe, but it appears to be the only failsafe in the NSW area that you can use.

1800 631 181

Criteria for PSP

Your patient meets the PSP criteria if within any 3┬ámonth period, they’ve been supplied with:

  • any PBS items prescribed by 6 or more different prescribers, and/or
  • a total of 25 or more PBS target items, and/or
  • a total of 50 or more items. This includes target and non-target PBS items supplied to the patient.

Other telephone numbers and contacts which may be of use can be found here.

The podcast from the Good GP relating to pain, episode 6 is truly fantastic at giving you a helpful and practical approach to acute pain management in primary care.

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